Robert Jossen

Robert Jossen, PC

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Counselor on Special Assignments


Mediator, Arbitrator and Counselor  

For over 40 years, Robert J. Jossen, the principal of Robert Jossen, PC, has been a seasoned trial lawyer and litigation attorney, with experience in many different types of disputes, touching financial, commercial, art, labor, education and the legal industries.  Mr. Jossen has served as a mediator and arbitrator in numerous disputes.  He has extensive training in mediation and arbitration. His courtroom prowess has been recognized by election as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. 

Mediator and Arbitrator
With a wealth of experience in prosecuting, defending, trying and settling complex litigation problems, Mr. Jossen’s focus primarily is on dispute resolution, serving as a mediator or arbitrator, and, separately, as a counselor on specific assignments providing advice and counsel to individuals or entities in crisis situations. As a neutral, his interest in mediation is purely to achieve a result which is satisfactory to all parties involved.  As an arbitrator, his interest is to reach a just and reasoned decision based upon the information presented and the governing law. 

Counselor and Trial Lawyer
Mr. Jossen has earned the reputation over the years as a practical, seasoned trial lawyer, with impeccable judgment and analytic abilities.  These are tools critical to an effective mediation or arbitration of any dispute, and to analysis and problem solving in difficult situations.


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